Elizabeth Hansen, Travel Writer, Photographer, Trip Planner, Specializing in Authentic Luxury Travel

Writer, Photographer, Trip Planner
Specializing in Authentic Travel Experiences

I love to travel, but I make a lousy tourist.

I want to wander off the beaten path and walk, browse, hike, bike, and kayak at my own pace.  I enjoy talking with local people, benefiting from insider information, and dining on regional dishes.   I want to savor the beauty of exotic environments in peace and quiet.

Like other authentic luxury travelers, I also want my creature comforts. I appreciate high-thread-count bed linens, room service, and air-conditioning. I am especially fond of clean, well-equipped bathrooms.

Can we have it all?

You bet we can. As the travel editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine, I’ve learned that the Third World and the Four Seasons are not mutually exclusive. Affluent travelers can have authentic experiences without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

My husband and I have enjoyed the hospitality of New Zealand farmers, “glamped” in Denali National Park wilderness, visited remote Hmong villages in North Vietnam, and watched Kuna Indians making molas in Panama’s San Blas Islands.

These real, very untouristy experiences do not require a youth hostel card and a backpack. We happily forgo tours and cruises, but we don’t compromise on lodging, meals, and modes of transportation – and we always come home smarter, happier, and full of new ideas.

Authentic Luxury Travel just takes a bit of planning – and that’s where I come in. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing my experiences with others. That's why I write articles, make available our 60,000+ stock photos, and do public speaking and consulting.  These avenues allow me to relive my favorite memories and share with fellow travelers what I have learned along the way.

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